15 thoughts on ““Zollgrenze”

  1. Hi, You’re work continues to inspire me. I really like the style of your images. You have a good eye for interesting material and the high contrast black and white just brings them to life.
    I am going to make a free course on Udemy & Youtube on colour grading for photos, videos and games. Would you mind if I used this image on your site as a great example of black and white photography?
    I want to share with people how they can use a combination of LUTs in Photoshop to achieve a good black and white style.

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    • Hi there, thanks so much for your kind feedback! I feel very honoured that you would like to use my picture in your course. Just do it! Thanks again, best wishes! J.R.


      • Thanks for inspiring me to make a course on black and white photography techniques. It is available on my website. I would really love to hear your feedback. You are a very impressive photographer and I find your work really inspiring.

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  2. As a fan of both vintage VWs and B&W photography I can’t help but love this shot. Forgive my ignorance but are you a digital person or do you ever delve into traditional film photography?

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    • Hi David, thanks for your interest…Primarily I am a digital person but also love the traditional photography what has a very special charme.


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