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      • It is a bigΒ socialΒ event. There is lots of eating and drinking and a special mixing of Hightech and nostalgia. 90 percent of the fairground undertakings have their roots in the 19th century. It’s absolutely worth seeing! πŸ‘

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      • Not sure if you are English or German. Too much of our culture has been wiped out. They don’t want to offend other religions at Christmas and Elf and safety has stopped street processions for carnivals etc.

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      • I think that nowadays young people have other interests…maybe carnivals are not cool enough. Nevertheless high cultural development of the citizens is still important.


      • Carnivals have been killed off by overbearing regulation. As for people they are culturally deprived, watching soaps, big brother and anything that takes them away from thinking for themselves. The TV in the corner of the room has stolen their life’s. Are you English or German?

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      • I thought you maybe, didn’t want to be telling you how to suck eggs. We English have lost our spirit.


      • The spirit may be alive in the dark depth’s but not on the surface. Our country has died since joining the European Union and needs to find its way again. So many of our traditions have been lost since I was born in 1964, there are few Christmas decorations, other than for advertisements made to look like them. Regards Tim


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