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  1. Hello ! Thanks for visiting my blog. I went to check out yours, and really loved … well, what you catch with your eye 🙂 But it’s really difficult to leave a comment on your blog, I had to look for a while !


  2. I have no clue to why this photo is so fetching? Obviously it is as I have been staring at it for a minute or so. Maybe its graphical simplicity has got something calming?


    • That’s an interesting consideration. I love simple compositions in a photo because there is space for associations and ideas… this has sometimes a calming effect.

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  3. I Love the different lines and the multitude of haystacks throughout the entire frame (or almost). Nice work on perspective too. Thanks!


    • I didn’t know him until now, but his work looks very interesting. I love such contrast! Thanks for the hint!


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