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  1. I ask myself, did you go up another building to take this particulat photo with a certain expectation of what you will see, or did you take this photo spontaneously?


    • I didn’t expect such a great view to Paternoster Square when I climbed the stairs in St Paul’s Cathedral. What a nice surprise! ;-))

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      • Thank you for sharing these moments of surprise with us. I wonder if I would ever see what you see if I were there the moment that you took your pictures. I probably needs somebody like you to make somebody like me see


      • I think it’s important to view the world like a child who can find beauty in a muddy puddle of water or a mountain landscape in a portion of mashed potatoes. We often tend to prejudge the things as good or bad or as ugly or beautiful. This gives security but stops us from getting pleasant (or unpleasant) surprises. Believe in the miracles of your childhood and you will find them around you.

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