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  1. Beautiful shot, these BW pics make you keep looking, so captivating and so mesmerizing..You inspire me to take BW photos now.. thank you so much… 🙂


    • I know what you mean. The whole atmosphere at that place was a bit creepy. It was the end of a market day and no more people there…just me and these wrapped mannequins…. 😉

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  2. As usual, LOVE your shots. What I also love about your posts is that I like guessing where the pics were taken when they are UK-based ones. Was this one taken at Spittalfields market?!! I think so because I used to work around there so I used to visit a lot and recognise it, I think. (As an aside, I love the Thursday antiques market they hold there in the ‘old part’ – have you been?)
    But my above guess needs verifying! :mrgreen:


    • Hi Lexa, that’s correctly identified! I made the photo at Spittalfields. I absolutely love this market and I always take a look there when I’m in London. I didn’t know about the antiques market there…this is very interesting for me…I love antiques markets!! I will take a look when I’m in London again….Thank you for pointing that out! 🙂

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      • Yes, every Thursday at the back! It is a wonderful market. Lots of albums of old black and white photos that you may like. Sold so cheaply. I have bought lots. I love them!!!!


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